After finishing an Art foundation course at Manchester’s Metropolitan University, I wanted to build a practise rooted in observational life drawing, painting from life and the progression of skill and craftsmanship. Oil painting became an obsession and took over my life.

Since 2002 I have been documenting the decline of the industrial revolution in Salford,Manchester and the North of England. I have painted mills and bridges, terraced streets and tenament housing, relics of the past now isolated in a time that has no use for them. I focused on the marks and messages of the local population left as graffiti and painted what I found. These paintings encompassed both traditional and more contemporary painting styles.

More recently I have been experimenting with non-art objects and elements of conceptual art. This has greatly influenced my painting practise, experimenting with materials and the structured response of meaning and representation.  My practise is constantly evolving to communicate my ideas more effectively . With recent projects focusing on conflict and the media portrayal of the war in Afghanistan

I continually work with members of the local community in a number of arts based projects, encouraging them to produce their own expression of the world around them.

I am currently Art Mentor for Pool Arts Manchester and Fine Art Restorer with Bloomfieldart.